New Authority


Are you a New or Seasoned Owner-Operator that has your own authority?

Are you tired of stopping to find loads?

Are you tired of trying to make ends meet? If So, I can understand it!

If you’re not moving, you’re not making any money.

I’m looking for Owner-Operators and Small Carriers to dispatch.

I work with, 53 FT Dry Van, Refers, Flatbeds.

Do you need or want help?

As an Independent Dispatcher, it’s my job to find you loads and handle your paperwork. I can keep you and your truck moving as much and as often as you like!  Our service rates are a low $75.00 for loads paying you $1000.00 or less, or 7% of the load. There are no weekly or monthly contract fees. I work with an Agreement and Limited Power of Attorney ( All the Power of attorney does. Is it lets me go to work and book loads for you and nothing else).

Our fee’s cover everything. Including Dispatching, Carrier Packets, Rate Conformations, Billing and Invoicing Brokers. Also forwarding invoices and bills to your Factoring company. When your truck is moving your making money.

I’ll do all I can, to keep you in good outbound regions, and book good loads with higher paying rates. Before I accept a load on your behalf,  I’ll contact you first. I won’t accept or book you a load that doesn’t work for you. and doesn’t pay $2.00 or more per mile.

All loads are Optional Loads! That’s right, you are under no obligation to take loads I offer.

I’m always available, professional, courteous, with 24/7 communication and working for you. With over 30 years of experience as a Driver/Broker/Dispatcher,  I believe I can help!

I work for You the Diver or Carrier! Not the Broker.

If you’re looking for an Independent Dispatcher. And would like Dispatch 805 to help.

Call or Text

Dispatch 805, Goleta CA.

PH: (805) 869-6302,  Txt: (805) 273-4465

Dispatch 805 is a one-person dispatch office and is a Disabled Veteran Owned Business

Let us answer any of your questions. Thanks