About Dispatch 805


Dispatch 805 works for the Owner-Operator and Carrier.

DISPATCH 805 exists because the Independent Dispatcher can do a better job working for YOU- the owner operator- rather than through a broker. The broker works for the shipper not you- the owner operator- or the carrier.

I help my carriers move more freight safely and cost effectively every day! In addition, I bring a great deal more to the table than just dispatching. I work with you, as your partner, to provide the tools you need to keep your trucks loaded and profitable.


Companies like yours trust me for all their freight dispatching. I deliver the competitive advantage you need while eliminating the uncertainty and complexity of your freight delivery. My service allows you to focus on your business.

I work with every partnership, becoming a single point of contact. As you dispatcher I know your transportation business intimately and always look out for your business’s best interest.

The goal of Dispatch 805 is to do the best I can job for you- the owner operator. Dispatch 805 brings years of combined freight, driving and broker agent experience. The 40 years of experience in the Transportation Industry makes Dispatch 805 a better dispatch option and provide you the information you need to get the job done right.  Dispatch 805 looks forward to being your right hand and partner.

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