Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started? Getting started with Dispatch 805 couldn’t be easier! Simply fill out the Carrier Profile form, e-mail it back along with your documents. The entire process takes a few minutes and can be done on any device including your smart phone or tablet.

  1. Do I need my own MC authority? Yes, all owner-operators and carriers working with Dispatch 805 are required to operate under their own motor carrier authority.
  2. What kind of trucking companies do you work with? I work with Owner Operators working under their own MC authority as well as carriers with company drivers.
  3. What type of equipment do you dispatch? I work with all kinds of different trucks and trailers. Generally speaking I stick to Dry Vans, Reefers, Flat Beds.
  4. What are the benefits of working with Dispatch 805? There are many benefits of working with Dispatch 805! I handle, insurance certificate requests, phone calls, e-mails, invoicing, and billing. I even help with rate confirmations.
  5. Will I need to request insurance certificates each time? WI will work with your insurance agent to receive insurance certificates with proper certificate holder information. The only time I’m unable to do this is when you specifically instruct your insurance agent to only process certificate requests requested by the insured only (you).
  6. Are there any commitments to using Dispatch 805? There are no commitments to using Dispatch 805. There are neither short-term nor long-term commitments. Certainly, if a load is booked using our services, then of course you are committing to safely delivering the freight without loss or damage and paying our dispatch service fee as part of your factor settlements.
  7. What is your company address?
    DISPATCH 805
    P O Box 251

    Goleta CA, 93116robson-hatsukami-morgan-134764-unsplash
  8. I only have a truck but no trailer, can we still work together? Yes I can with Power only carriers at this time.
  9. Can I decline a load? You’re not required to take every load that’s offered. I work hard to find loads that fulfill your requirements, but you’re able to decline any loads you don’t want to take. I ask that you define your requirements and communicate with me so, as to save everyone time and headaches.
  10. Do I need to use DISPATCH 805 services for all of my trucks and trailers? No, you’re not required to use all of your available equipment.  But I would strongly recommend you let me know about every piece of operable equipment you have available. Sometimes certain deals come up which aren’t posted on load boards and require a specific piece of equipment you may have, and the shipping party contacts us directly. These types of loads generally pay very well and it only helps me to know about your fleet.
  11. Can I work with you if I’m a new carrier? Absolutely! I’m looking for serious and hardworking owner operators who want to put on miles at good rates. I’m not looking for excuses or stubborn carriers who don’t understand that the freight market is dynamic and rates fluctuate. Granted, as a new carrier it will be much more difficult for me to find you the truly great loads since all too many brokers and shippers will not work with carriers whose MC Authority is less than six months or one year. Once you’ve passed the one year mark, almost every broker becomes fair game.
  12. Where do you find your freight? I work with Load boards Brokers, and Direct Shippers.
  13. What’s the process of booking a load? I will stay in contact with you and/or your drivers to obtain their current location and ETA to delivery. Once I know where you are and where you’re going, I’ll begin working on getting you a reload. Once a qualified load is found, I will begin to gather information and negotiate rates. I’ll always contact you for approval on every load so there’s nothing to worry about. If you agree to the load offer, I will begin the set-up process, requesting set up packets (and e-mail to you for your signature), insurance certificates, and submitting the necessary documents to the shipper. Once complete I will e-mail the original rate confirmation, to you or your driver.
  14. Which load board’s do you use? I use several different load boards, including DAT POWER and Internet Truck Stop. I also receive direct emails of shipments which never hit any load boards as well as loads which are directly brokered via phone calls.
  15. Are you double brokering loads? Since I’m not a Broker to begin with, by definition, I don’t double broker loads. Most brokers will not allow double brokered loads and many more will not pay the invoice if they find out a load has been double brokered. I am strictly a trucking dispatch agency which represents carriers and owner-operators. I believe this to be the best, most honest, and the only way to remain transparent way to do business.
  16. What are the payment terms for brokers and shippers? Generally speaking most brokers and shippers promise to pay in 30 days of receipt of signed BOL/POD and invoice. Some pay faster, others take more time.
  17. What is a factoring company? In a nutshell, a factoring company is an organization that will wait for brokers to pay on your invoices for a small fee. In return they’ll pay you right away and keep your cash flow going.
  18. What if I don’t have a factor? If you don’t currently have a factor, I have factors, I can recommend. rhys-moult-328651-unsplash
  19. Can you recommend a good factoring company? Absolutely! I can recommend quality factors based on your needs and requirements.
  20. What happens if detention is incurred? I will always fight to get you the detention you deserve. Unfortunately getting detention isn’t always possible and can often delay the process of getting paid as often brokers take advantage of the delays created in requesting and approving detention pay.
  21. Will I need to create invoices? You don’t need to create any invoices for loads dispatched through Dispatch 805.
  22. Will I need to bill the broker? No, I will bill the broker as soon as I receive a signed BOL/POD.
  23. What about Fuel Advances? Fuel advances can be requested but because every broker will have different terms and costs associated with this service, You will have to be explicitly instructed to request fuel advances by the decision maker.
  24. How much do you charge for invoicing? While most truck dispatchers charge for invoicing. You will never have to pay for invoicing. I’ll create a good looking and very functional invoice for you each and every time you book a load with us.
  25. Can I email the signed BOLs? Absolutely! You can email your signed BOLs, to me.
  26. How do I get paid?  You or me work with your factor to get you paid. I’ll handle all of the necessary paperwork here including invoicing, billing, and all other required documents so you have nothing to worry about. I’ll then instruct your factor to deposit the money into your account.
  27. What happens after I deliver a load? Send me a clean copy of the signed BOL/POD and I’ll handle it from there. The sooner you send me the BOL, the sooner I can get everything processed and submitted for payment.
  28. How does Dispatch 805 get paid? I get paid after you deliver the load. By Debit Card / Credit Card.
  29. Is there a monthly fee to use Dispatch 805?  While many other truck dispatch companies out there charge a monthly fee whether you book loads with them or not, I do not. There are no monthly fees or monthly minimums. I make money when you make money. Plain and simple.
  30. How soon will I get paid? Generally most factors will pay you within 24 hours of receiving everything they need to get you paid. Of course this means you need to provide us with the signed BOL as soon as possible. Usually by the time most owner operators get me the signed BOL, I already have the invoice, and anything else needed ready to go
  31. How do I know you’ll work hard for me? My service fee is set-up with hard work in mind. I am very interested in getting you the best possible rate.
  32. How much does it cost to work with Dispatch 805? I charge $75.00 for loads paying you $1000.00 or less, or 7% commission from every accepted or dispatched load. Due upon receipt of signed BOL or Delivery receipt and Dispatch 805 invoice. Payable by Credit or Debit Card. There are no other fees.       
  33. How will I get load information once a load is booked? I will always provide you everything needed to get going as soon as possible. I can provide the information over the phone, email, text message.
  34. Who will sign the rate confirmations?  Once a rate confirmation is received. I will e-mail it to you for your agreement, then I will sign it for you and return it to the Broker or Shipper, and keep a copy for your records.
  35. How many trucks does each dispatcher handle? I work with no more than four trucks a day. I do this to keep quality high, 

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Let us answer any of your questions. Thanks